Welcome to my blog. I’m Carina Birt, founder of award-winning, 20-year old, Digital PR and Brand Journalism Agency, Sarum

In Guardian of your Voice I’m adding my voice to the debate that’s raging in the world of business-to-business (B2B) communications and public relations.  And wherever possible I want to bang on about Brand Journalism and why PR is at best poorly tainted and at worst on its way out, at least in the way we have come to know it.

Why? Maybe I like the sound of my own voice? Quiet at the back there! No. I feel it’s time to step in because I am seeing a ‘war’ happening out there, more so than I have ever seen in my career in IT PR.  And its a 20-year career in this business, so I feel I have some experience to draw from and certainly some strong opinions to give, but they’ll always be tinged with the trademark Irish humour.

Get involved, share some comments, talk to me

2014-09-23 12.47.45-1A bit about Carina..

Recently described by a long-standing client as having a ‘velvet touch’ on communications and PR,  Carina came to this discipline from the software industry, so unusually in the IT PR world, she understands what she’s writing about.20 years since founding Sarum, Carina  has a bustling awards cabinet, a fan base of very loyal and successful clients and is much in demand as a strategic communications and PR expert. Ridiculously experienced, with a sense of humour to die for, Carina lives and breathes social media, PR and communications – and to her shame is a loyal Liverpool supporter!


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