So, Mr Client: You going to trust me or not?

Last time we spoke I had posed a question that is increasingly an issue for us here at Sarum: is there any way a small, focused agency (like we are) can professionally service multiple clients who end up in the same addressable market? As we noted, big-brand global agencies do this by creating new dedicated sub-agencies that work for the new competing client – the phrase ‘Chinese Walls’ (impermeable barriers between teams) coming up a lot here. But for an agency that is Sarum-sized, and as we’ve said we want to continue being ‘Sarum-sized’ (see ‘IS EVERY POTENTIAL CLIENT A SARUM CUSTOMER? NOT NECESSARILY…’), that’s not always a viable option. So – do I say no to new business? This is what happens in practice. In not just a big agency like the ones we are talking about, the WPPs of the world as it were, but the mid-range ones, they solve the problem by having multiple agents working in

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