The Three ‘Ws’ of Hi-Tech Blogging – 2: The ‘Why’. Why are we Blogging Again?

Hola, welcome back and time for us to talk about at the second ‘W’ in my look, based on often tough and surprising experience, let me tell you, of the blogging aspect of modern hi-tech B2B PR: the ‘Why.’ If you recall, last time (‘THE THREE ‘WS’ OF HI-TECH BLOGGING – 1: THE  ‘WHO,’ WHO SHOULD BLOG?’) I looked at the issue of who in the company is best placed as the basis for the social media ‘voice.’ We  talked about how poor it can be for the CEO to be the blogger. This isn’t a 100% hard and fast rule, but if you’re not an Oracle, or at least not yet,  you might not want to give the world the impression your guy has enough time to share his Great Thoughts with the world instead of serving customers and building out the business. Right? But that begs the question of why we’re even worrying about this. Why are we

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Why did I call this blog ‘Guardian of your Voice’?

Welcome back to my new blog! (If you are wondering what the heck the title means, easy Tiger – all will be revealed.) I started this blog because there are a lot of issues I want to articulate – and debate with you, please – on the whole interesting, noisy and often the deeply confusing clash between ‘social’ marketing and ‘traditional’ B2B communications. So, now you have been properly warned, let’s plunge back in! For me, social is only one of the many channels of communication that an organisation, particularly a B2B one, needs to be aware of. By definition, that means it is not the only one. It doesn’t replace anything. (And let’s be honest, in 18 months’ time – if even that long – something else will come along as a means to communicate that we’ll all go doolally about…) Social might extend, then, the traditional marketing communications channels. But you know something? Those B2B forms are fairly

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