Getting Grounded about PR

You know all this worry and stress we have every day about some bit of technology not being properly understood by its target audience, or a misquote that has got the client up in arms – the ‘etc etc etc’ of daily B2B public relations and brand journalism? Here’s a quick, sure-fire cure. Go and work for a bit with a real-world, real-problem client. Because that’s a guaranteed way for you to both see the wood for the trees… as well as reminding yourself that what you do really does matter. This was all brought home to me by a bit of a situation relating to my current pro bono client, South Wilts Mencap. Note I said ‘current;’ I absolutely would recommend any PR worth their salt to have a charity or small startup or artist or community organisation that you offer your help to, for reasons I think will come clear in a second. (Note I also said ‘pro

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